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Front Street Flow-Through 2011-I L.P.

Fund manager:
Norm Lamarche, Craig Porter

Investment Strategies:
(i) investing in Flow-Through Shares of Resource Issuers engaged in oil and gas or mining exploration, development or production or energy production that will incur CEE and that (a) have experienced management, (b) have a strong exploration program in place, (c) may require time to mature, and (d) offer potential for future growth; and (ii) investing in QET Partnership Units of QET Partnerships that (a) acquire Production Interests pursuant to joint venture agreements (each a “QET Joint Venture Agreement”), (b) have the prospect of receiving Resource Company Shares in exchange for Production Interests or QET Partnership Units and (c) will make contributions to QETs, and where the Resource Companies related to such QET Partnerships have experienced management and an established QET Property.

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