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Front Street Flow-Through 2013-I L.P.

Fund manager:
Craig Porter

Investment Objectives: The Partnership’s investment objectives for each of the National Portfolio and the Québec Portfolio are (i) to achieve capital appreciation through investment in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of Resource Issuers (as defined in the preliminary prospectus) engaged in oil and gas or mining exploration, development or production or energy production that will incur “Canadian exploration expenses” (as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “Tax Act”)) (“CEE”), including “Canadian renewable and conservation expenses” (as defined in the Tax Act) (“CRCE”); and (ii) to invest in limited partnerships (“QET Partnerships”) that will participate financially in the gross production or production revenue (each a “Production Interest”) generated from mining and oil sands properties (each a “QET Property”) of various resource companies that meet criteria specified herein (each a “Resource Company”) and that will make contributions to qualifying environmental trusts (each a “QET”) to secure reclamation obligations of Resource Companies. The Production Interest or the units of the QET Partnerships (“QET Partnership Units”) may be converted into shares of a Resource Company (“Resource Company Shares”).

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