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Front Street Long/Short Income Fund

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This fund has merged with the Front Street Opportunity Funds Ltd. and is now the Front Street Yield Opportunities Fund.

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The Fund’s portfolio will consist primarily of securities of Income Trusts, although the Fund may also invest in preferred shares, corporate and government debt securities and common shares. In order to assist the Fund in achieving its investment objectives, the Investment Advisor may invest in or use derivatives and employ a variety of hedging strategies.The Portfolio will include securities which the Investment Advisor believes are undervalued and may include short positions in securities which the Investment Advisor believes are overvalued.

The Investment Advisor will manage the relative weightings of the Fund’s long and short positions to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives of generating a stable stream of income and enhanced capital growth while managing risk to preserve capital. The Fund will also engage in merger arbitrage, convertible arbitrage and trading in securities of issuers that may be involved in restructurings or business unit dispositions.

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