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LOGiQ Hedge Fund

Fund manager:
Frank Mersch

Our flagship hedge fund was launched to capitalize on the experience and trading abilities of lead portfolio manager, Frank Mersch. Available to accredited Canadian investors, Front Street Hedge Fund is a diversified portfolio engaging in sophisticated investment strategies to take advantage of market inefficiencies, and stock picking in the overall Canadian marketplace.

The multi-strategy style invests in undervalued securities and restructuring situations using long/short positions, short selling of overvalued securities, pairs trading, and convertible and merger arbitrage.

Returns as at 5.31.2017*

1 month Year-to-Date 1 year 3 year 5 year 10 year CAGR
-1.6% -0.6% 8.4% 1.9% 7.1% 0.8% 10.1%
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* Performance and NAV information provided is unaudited, and net of all fees and expenses.
** Note: Effective January 29, 2010, in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement governing the Fund, all Series B-1 Units will be converted to into Series B-2 Units and immediately thereafter the Series B-2 Units will be re-designated as Series B Units.
- Globefund rating awarded to Series B
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