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LOGiQ Special Opportunities Class

Fund manager:
Norm Lamarche

Objective: The investment objective of the Fund is to seek capital appreciation through investment in equity securities of companies whose product, service or management team the Investment Advisor believes can realize value and growth. The Investment Advisor may rely on “top down” fundamental research to identify equity securities of companies in a particular industry or sector, but portfolio diversification will be driven primarily from the Fund’s investments, as opposed to targeting sector weights.

Returns as at 5.31.2017*

1 month Year-to-Date 1 year 3 year 5 year 10 year CAGR
0.0% -10.4% 6.1% -17.2% -5.1% -3.0% 12.1%
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Sector Allocation

as at 2/28/2017

Top Ten Holdings

as at 2/28/2017; listed alphabetically

  • Arizona Mining Inc
  • Crew Energy Inc
  • Kelt Exploration Ltd
  • Newcastle Gold Ltd
  • Parex Resources Inc
  • Raging River Exploration Inc
  • Spartan Energy Corporation
  • Trican Well Service Ltd
  • Western Energy Services Corp
  • Xtreme Drilling and Coil
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Tax-exempt investment switching with other LOGiQ Mutual Funds Ltd. funds, allowing for changes to sector focus, without penalty.

Investment Switch-Compatible: LOGiQ Resource Growth and Income Class, LOGiQ Growth Class, LOGiQ Special Opportunities Class, LOGiQ Growth & Income Class, LOGiQ Global Opportunities Class, LOGiQ Money Market Class, LOGiQ Tactical Bond Class, and LOGiQ Global Balanced Income Class

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