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Fund manager: OFI Steelpath (MLP sub-advisor)

Our LOGiQ MLP & Infrastructure Income Class gives Canadian investors access one of the US' most exciting asset classes.
Learn more about MLPs below, from OFI Steelpath, sub-advisor to our MLP-focused funds:

About Midstream MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships)

Many midstream (energy transportation, processing and infrastructure) businesses in the US are structured as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These MLPs typically have "toll-road" business models, where revenues are driven by volume, providing some insulation from the ups-and-downs of oil and gas prices. Over the last 10 years, MLPs have delivered investors impressive yields, as well as diversification, as MLPs have shown low correlation to other common investments. See how they stack up to other common asset classes in the table below.

10 Years of MLPs vs Common Asset Classes & Indices

Annualized Return Current Yield4 Correlation to MLPs
MLPs 9.5% 7.1%
REITs 7.5% 3.5% 0.32
Utilities 5.0% 3.1% 0.33
Fixed Income 5.1% 2.3% -0.06
Russell 2000 6.2% 1.1% 0.47
Dow Jones 7.7% 1.7% 0.51
NASDAQ 9.5% 1.1% 0.55
S&P 500 7.4% 2.1% 0.53

July 2006-June 2016. Source: Bloomberg, OFI Steelpath. 4Yield as at Dec 31, 2015.
MLPs are represented by the Alerian MLP Index; REITs are represented by the FTSE NAREIT Equity REIT Index; Utilities are represented by the Dow Jones Utilities Index; Fixed Income is represented by the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index.

MLPs outperformed the S&P 500 11 out of the last 14 years.<sup>1</sup>MLPs have returned 194% over the last 10 years.<sup>2</sup>MLPs returns were positive in 5 out of the last 7 periods of rising interest rates.<sup>3</sup>

Within our corporate class family of funds, we offer two flavours of MLP-focused mutual funds.

The LOGiQ MLP & Infrastructure Income Class seeks to provide both generous income as well as long-term capital appreciation.

This daily buy/sell mutual funds delivers generous monthly distributions, is sub-advised by U.S.-based Oppenheimer's leading MLP experts, OFI Steelpath, and provides economic exposure to North American midstream energy infrastructure businesses, including MLPs.

Returns as at 5.31.2017*

1 month Year-to-Date 1 year 3 year 5 year 10 year CAGR
-6.1% -5.6% 3.6% n/a n/a n/a -9.4%

1Series B, as at May 31, 2016.
2Source: OFI Steelpath, Bloomberg; as at May 9, 2016.
3Data as at Dec 31, 2015. Source: Bloomberg, Alerian, Barclays (estimates). Periods of rising treasury rates > 100bps: 1/1/1996-7/5/1996; 10/2/1998-1/21/2000; 11/9/2001-4/1/2002; 6/13/2003-6/28/2006; 12/18/2008-6/18/2009; 10/6/2010-2/8/2011; 7/24/2012-6/27/2013.