Growth Funds

Since the day we opened for business, we've been offering a range of growth-oriented mutual funds aimed at outperforming the index.

Veteran portfolio manager Frank Mersch—our Chief Investment Officer—has built an impressive track record over his three decades in money management. Besides co-managing a number of our , Frank manages the Front Street Global Opportunities Class, coupling his sector-driven outlook with experienced stock-picking focused on companies that can disrupt 'business as usual' within their industries. For investors looking for both growth-oriented investing as well as monthly income, don't forget to look at the Front Street Growth & Income Class.

Norm Lamarche manages growth-oriented funds focused on the North American energy story. Norm's extensive track record and his relationships with movers in the global resource, mining and energy sectors have helped his funds bring exceptional returns for clients over the years. The Front Street Special Opportunities Class focuses on stock-picking stories among smaller-cap Canadian energy producers. The Front Street Growth Fund takes a somewhat more thematic approach to the North American energy renaissance, covering small- and mid-cap equities, service providers and other players in the energy and resources sectors. The Front Street Growth Class is similar to the Growth Fund, but offered within our corporate class family for easy switching.