The Firm

In 2001, we looked at the mutual fund market and wondered where to invest our own money.

We weren't satisfied with our options, which all looked similar... and like the index. We demanded innovative, high-performing and focused solutions -- and founded Front Street Capital. Our portfolio managers continue to be top investors in Front Street Capital's funds.

Our team has decades of experience in both up and down markets. Privately held and independent, we offer Canadians a diverse range of investments, including growth, income and tax-minded portfolios offered as mutual funds, hedge funds, and flow-through limited partnerships.

Front Street Capital is a preferred choice for investors looking to elevate their returns with strategies and solutions structured to provide maximum tax benefits and superior performance in a variety of market conditions.

Our Philosophy: The Right Investment at the Right Time in the Right Structure

We take a disciplined approach to investment decisions. We review capital spending cycles, identify themes or trends, and select stocks that are well-positioned to benefit from those trends.